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Companies often face considerable challenges while optimizing their IT infrastructure and meeting predetermined quality standards. Moreover, other factors such as varied user interfaces, multiple operating systems, database management, defining and maintaining network protocols, and catering to middleware layers can further add on to the complexity. Shine SoftCorp Remote Infrastructure Management Services can help to design, build, implement, and manage your existing IT resources in a highly scalable manner which facilitates a better integration with existing system processes and IT resources. We offer professional services for a wide range of IT related processes, and cater to the upkeep, improvement, and development of existing resources. In addition, we provide excellent service levels, the best response time, and the least possible "down time".
Wide ranging solutions : We offer highly affordable infrastructure management services which help to reduce operational costs, and aid in increasing the profit margins. We provide skilled resources, which eliminates the need for hiring employees having a high CTC, which further reduces the overheads for our clients. In addition, we also provide a centralized model which can cater to the management of infrastructure existing in different locations. We also retain personnel who are effectively trained to offer client centric technology consulting services.
Proven management model : The Remote Infrastructure Management model developed by us is tried, tested, and proven over many years. It is perfect as far as managing remote resources is concerned, and has proved to be very valuable and time saving to our clients. We constantly upgrade and evolve our service model to include the latest market trends and technologies emerging in the market. Moreover, our services are very reliable - we support almost zero "down time" while providing our services. They help to streamline the work flow as well as maintain the client’s business working.
Customization - Flexible Infrastructure Management Control : Our main strength is providing quality based services backed by tailor made solutions for our clients. We offer "on demand" services - the client can choose the exact type of package which meets his or her specific work related requirements. We also provide integrated governance facilities in addition to service management options. Through our services, the client can enhance the work process, avail better quality services at affordable prices, and reduce the operational costs to a significant extent. Our services are at par with international quality levels.
Clients benefit in many ways through the remote infrastructure management services offered by Shine SoftCorp Services:
Server Management : Our server management services are specially designed to address the design, deployment, optimization, and migration related needs associated with the enterprise server platform. In addition, we also offer services catering to mail server configuration and management, active directory server, web server, and database server. Our clients benefit from better utilization of resources, increased performance, and improved system availability.
Application Management : Specially designed to manage the complexity associated with challenging web development, cloud computing, mobile application development, our services help to optimize and monitor thousands of applications for organizations big and small around the world. Moreover, our application management services help to maintain and manage all applications and system environments. We can help to improve the availability, enhance the security levels, and facilitate technology migrations.
Database Management : Our DBA services offer a perfect blend of improved flexibility, security, reliability, and performance associated with your data basing needs. We ensure a smooth functioning of your existing system processes and reliability of your data storage. We offer specialized database management services for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Oracle E-Business Suite, DB2, and Mongo DB environments. Our services are highly affordable and at par with international standards as far as quality levels are concerned. By combining powerful tools as well as processes, we can streamline your business flow and database related requirements in the most efficient manner.
Cloud Management : We provide solutions for any application and any cloud. Our cloud management services offer solutions catering to resource management, automated provisioning, and governance of cloud infrastructure. Our multi cloud management services provide access to portable applications across a wide range of platforms and systems. Our powerful cloud based automation services help to eliminate redundant tasks, increase the scalability of your applications, and initiate automated disaster recovery processes. We can manage your cloud accounts, manage registered users, and restrict unauthorized access to your cloud based applications.
Virtualization Management : The virtualization process aids multiple applications to share a common server without conflicting with each other. This helps organizations to reduce upon the total number of servers and reduce their operational costs. Our virtualization services help to monitor elements within the cloud, and carry out diagnostic and troubleshooting activities on behalf of our clients. Moreover, we also offer services to gather statistical data pertaining to the application usage within the cloud, and also carry out capacity planning, application performance tuning, as well as configuration management. We can help our clients to cut down upon superfluous expenditure and reduce the operational costs.
Security Management : Our security management services include management and implementation of security features across IT managed systems and resources existing in organizations. We can help to safeguard the perimeter, protect critical assets, secure the data flow, and configure the servers as per management's requirements.
Help Desk Management : We offer help desk management services using email support, voice based support, web based chat facilities, and ticketing tools.
Advantages :
  • Easy integration with interface applications.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership.
  • Keep up with the latest technologies.
  • Improves quality of service.
  • Improves stability and efficiency of mission-critical applications.
  • Creates new functionality by leveraging reusable, business-specific software components.
  • Keeps future maintenance and upgrade costs to a minimum.
  • Preserves unique business processes without adding expense.
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