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Cloud Computing Services offered by Shine SoftCorp cater to a wide range of computing requirements associated with a multitude of computers and hardware devices connected and interfaced together in a real-time communication network - the internet. We offer an array of essential and useful services on a continuous, as well as "on demand" basis to our clients. We offer our specialized quality based services using dedicated multi-layered management models, in addition to infrastructural setups and processes which are owned and managed by us on our premises. We provide easily scalable access to various types of applications, hardware and software resources, and customized services. Our clients benefit through consistent and improved usage of system resources without having to spend large amounts after hardware and software components. We help our clients to save upon their infrastructural costs and increasing their profit margins.
Avail exactly what you need : Benefit from the latest application upgrades as well as the coolest range of operating systems and open source development functionality. Clients benefit by saving upon the upgradation costs, and avoid the hassles involved with deploying applications over various systems. Save time, resources, and efforts through our quality Cloud Computing Services. The biggest advantage is you pay only for what you really need and save upon unnecessary costs.
Save infrastructural costs : Using our Cloud Services, our clients can easily, effortlessly, and seamlessly add on CPUs, memory resources, carry out bandwidth optimization, and increase the storage space as and when needed, without having to wait or spend for the up gradation process to occur - we have the resources to do it instantly for you. Our clients can save a substantial amount in terms of up gradation costs without having to compromise upon the functionality.
Stay fully connected and avail quality services : You can avail our Cloud Services wherever you are located. We maintain a host of serving centers which work in tandem, and together which can offer you almost any kind of cloud based service you require to keep your business up and running at all times. Our clients benefit from quality Cloud Services available around-the-clock. Our technical maintenance teams available 24x7x365 ensure there is no “down time.”
Clients benefit in many ways through cloud services offered by Shine SoftCorp Services:
Infrastructure As A Service - IAAS : A single size does not fit all. Just as each business is unique in its own way, so are its requirements and the type of infrastructure it needs. Our IaaS services include dedicated as well as cloud based servers which are integrated together to form a seamless fully automated platform which is so efficient that it can blur the actual lines between physical and virtual setups. We convert idea into realities for our clients. Our data centres and networking points are interfaced with an ultra-high speed Cloud Network - our "cloud" is always there where ever you want it, whenever you want it, and whichever way you want it
Platform as A Service - PAAS : Our PaaS services are based upon a proven model which is best suited for hosting and running applications and software packages without experiencing the hassles associated with maintaining related hardware as well as software components and systems. Business entities and enterprises have adopted our PaaS solutions owing to the simplicity, reliability, and usefulness of our specialized services. The biggest advantage of availing our quality based PaaS services is you can benefit from diversified services without having to invest in the software costs, whether it be upgrading a legacy system or using a totally new platform - you can avail it all from us at a fraction of a cost.
Software As A Service - SAAS: SaaS, also referred to as "Software on demand", delivers software based services through the internet. It is generally made available "on-demand" basis - the user can choose the type of software access, including which software to use, for how long, and on which platform. Also termed as applications-as-a-Service "AaaS", our SaaS services offer overheads saving benefits through highly reduced operational and maintenance costs of using and implementing various types of software systems. The client can easily customize his or her requirements by scaling up or down the specific usage of facilities to suit the business flow. Moreover, servers, data storages, and applications can be added on-the-fly as per needs. Web designers and software designers can avail Cloud Service to develop web based applications without having to install or buy and development platform. Technical personnel can use engineering based software systems "on the go" without buying it. Our services can help to maximize efficiency. We also offer remote monitoring facilities which can help our clients to avail the maximum benefit from real time systems and automated processes.
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