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Business Processing Outsourcing
With the advent of newer technologies and changing market trends based upon consumer requirements, it becomes necessary for businesses to constantly upgrade their existing systems and provide excellent services in the open market. A major factor which determines the success of process automation is the cost factor - the lesser the cost the better is the affordability of maintaining computerized systems. Shine SoftCorp provides highly effective and affordable services, and we are the best option if you desire to offer quality based services to your consumer base without increasing your overheads. We help our clients to save upon their infrastructure costs, and our clients benefit from a streamlined work flow which further adds on to the user experience. It is one of the main reasons why business entities from across the world choose us for their outsourcing needs. Our Business Processing OutSourcing Solutions and OutSourcing Services are driven by quality assurance, management information systems, business analysis, and a six sigma black belt team.
Quick delivery of services
We are committed to the delivery of quality work - well within the deadlines specified by our clients. Our association, and long term relationships, with clients across the world bears testimony to this fact. We are strongly focused upon delivering both quality and quantity within stipulated time frames, and coupled with our quality based services our clients benefit from reduced overheads, better functioning of business, and increased profits.
Highly affordable costs
We offer specialized services featuring the latest cutting-edge technologies and highly trained human resources best suited for the type of work allotted to them. We offer a professional environment which is capable of delivering quality output whatever the project demands and requirements may consist of. Moreover, the quality of the services offered by us meet international quality norms, and helps to drastically cut down working costs
Round the clock services
Our services are available 24x7x365 whether they consist of specialized customer services, telemarketing services, customer lead generation, help desk, customer satisfaction surveys, email support services, technical trouble shooting, chat services, etc. We cater to a wide range of services around the clock, and offer our services across different time zones in different countries across the world. Our services are almost always affordable and best of industries.
When the client outsource their business processes to Shine SoftCorp it can several advantages
Telecom Outsourcing
Our Telecom OutSourcing Services include outsourcing of all, or some, services which include local as well as long distance calling services, contract negotiations, customer bill processing, bill payments, auditing and loss recovery, disaster recovery plans, and telephone maintenance. In addition we also undertake auditing of outsourced projects and offer unbiased reports pertaining to the effectiveness of ongoing projects, and indicate how the owner should proceed ahead with additional profit saving and overheads reducing activities.
Quality Management Outsourcing
We provide flexible Quality Management Outsourcing services which are based upon the best and proven quality standards prevalent in the market today. We meet all regulatory requirements, and have the capacity to deal with the fluctuations occurring in the work load. Our team is highly experienced in all the facets associated with quality management aspects, as well as in various types of system deployments. Our Quality Management OutSourcing services offer consistency and high levels of expertise. Clients benefit from our reliable and hassle free services.
Order Management Services
Our order management services consist of order entry, order fulfilment & forecasting, inventory management, contract management, data management etc.
Back Office Outsourcing
Back office functions are activities required to maintain a company's business working in a successful manner, but not form the core of the company's working. Typically, the routine or daily chores from back office work. They play an integral part in the company's existence but are not paramount for the company's working. We offer several back office outsourcing services which can help our clients to cut upon the operational costs and streamline their internal working process. Moreover, we appoint skilled workforce where each person is properly trained, and has the required skills to carry out the work related activities in a highly professional and reliable manner.
Finance And Accounting Outsourcing
Our finance and accounting outsourcing activities are based upon world-class compliance, and help to support cost savings activities in addition to increasing the company profits. Our services are highly scalable and can be tailored to meet the client's requirements in totality. Moreover, our telecom analysts are trained, and have the skills to undertake any type of call centre telecom project.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
RPO is a kind of business process outsourcing activity wherein a business owner transfers all, or a part of the recruitment processes to some service provider who or which specialize in the recruitment activities. We offer offshore recruitment services and manage the staffing services and for offshore recruiters. We cater to the staffing activities associated with all types of businesses, big and small, and serve clients globally associated with the fields of information technology, engineering, hospitality and healthcare.
Customer Support Services
We offer both voice based and non-voice (E-mail and Chat) customer support services of excellent quality based upon international call centre norms.
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