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“Parikshak” An Online Examination / Evaluation Portal

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Its described online examination system.
  • 1. Applicant (Candidates) apply for the exam online or thought other medium.
  • 2. After evaluating the application admissions are sent to the accepted candidates.
  • 3. Candidates register and take the exam and submit the answers.
  • 4. After evaluating answers examiner issues result.
This system can be implemented enther by
  • A. Purchase a system/ contract a vendor to develop a system of
  • B. Develop in house
If the option (A) is selected, binds have to be called from reputed Software vendors and after the establishment a service agreement is aigned with the vendor subject to an annual free for the system maintenance.
If the option (B) is selected, an in house development has to the carried out.For this there should be a proper development environment with developers conversant with server side programming and N-tire application development. This development team should be equipped with network environment with internet access.
Our Solutions
Our Solutions  
  • OPTION -A : Cost is depend on the vendors (Generally over Rs. 1 Lacks/ Per Exam Rs. 50) + Annual Maintaince Free
  • OPTION –B1 : Cost for developer salaries/allowances + Hardware/Network equipment cost
  • OPTION –B2 : Cost for developer salaries/allowances + Annual Web Space Cost (Appx. Rs. 5000.00/Annual)